African sounds at Christmastime

SAEP CollageIt’s still not too late to find that “perfect place” to get away from it all. The team at Africa Places will work hard to find you a unit in a beautiful resort where you and the family can recharge, re-energize and regain your mojo!

One of the projects that Barbie, Gill and Elaine would like to support, is the SAEP Christmas CD. Here’s a unique Christmas gift that is lovely to listen to and at the same time it supports this worthy cause.  The South African Education and Environment Project (SAEP) empowers young people who are neglected by South Africa’s education system. Through tutoring, enrichment and support, they give impoverished learners the tools to reach their potential and uplift their communities.

The Christmas CD is one of their projects developed in response to community needs to help the next generation build academic and life skills, prepare for and succeed in higher education and employment, and contribute as leaders to South Africa’s economic and social development. But at the same time, it has given the artists a tangible product that will help them achieve their goals.

Listen HERE to a sample selection from the CD

Buy this CD direct from SAEP (South African Education & Environment Project) for only R100.00 and show these talented young people that their efforts are rewarded.

Buy it for your own enjoyment and also to send overseas to friends and family – traditional themes set to the sound of Africa! …


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