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Holidays – choose your venue

Johanneeburg Zoo“Holidays” should be that time of the year when the batteries get replenished. When the body and mind relaxes and rests. “What’s a rest?” you may ask. In today’s world it seems that “rest” doesn’t exist. It appears that people are “busy” all the time – rushing, trying to meet deadlines, running late with schedules, juggling balls in the air and hoping not to drop one.

Why is this? What has society done to us that we get caught up in this seemingly never ending round of rush-work-rush? Could it be that technology has a part to play in this malaise?

That’s where Africa Places come in, in the effort to create the perfect place for the busy “you” to escape to in order to break the mould of “rush-work-rush” so that the busy family can regenerate themselves and reconnect with each other and themselves. Regardless of the resort or facilities they are able to find for you, they are the facilitators in kick-starting the holiday process.

And people also think that “holiday” must always be some isolated house in the bush, with nothing around for miles. While this might be the environment that many would seek, it is not the definitive holiday venue. Take the family who decided to holiday in Johannesburg, YES, Johannesburg and fond that their batteries were well and truly recharged on returning to their workplace in the Cape. There were many things that contributed to their communal “recharge” – like attending the first day of the Test between South Africa and India at the Wanderers, taking the best part of the day to saunter around the Johannesburg Zoo with picnic basket in tow, going to the Ice Show at Monte Casino, enjoying the food at a garden centre while the children played on the swings and fed the ducks, watched the daredevils on their skateboards and bikes at the Brightwater Commons, watching the jugglers at Sandton City and so on.

Sure, there are those who would say that these activities would contribute to stress levels and can’t possibly be a holiday, but that family would answer that assessment by showing relaxed faces and broad smiles.

Your holiday should be that which breaks the mould you’re in, that causes you to do things you don’t usually do, to appreciate what others take for granted. In the same way as the “Joburger” will stare for hours at the sea breaking on the rocks while the Struisbaai resident will drive past the same rocks every day and not even bother to glance at them, our habits, our perceptions and our values differ because we are all different and we all have different lives and different lifestyles.

So whatever you’re doing to relax and recharge – Barbie, Gill, and Elaine at Africa Places wish you a refreshing time as 2013 ends and the New Year looms on the horizon. Make one of your resolutions that of allowing Africa Places to find the perfect spot for your next recharge!