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Rent out your timeshare unit with Africa Places

BannerFor many, purchasing their timeshare unit was a way to secure some holiday time in a great resort. A place that they could bank on visiting year after year. And while this has worked well for many, there are times when it hasn’t always “happened” as originally planned.

Elaine is urgently looking for units to rent out in 2014 – any unit from any week, but in particular, if there are any Peak Week units available, the market is looking good for resale and for rentals. Get your investment working for you, with Africa Places who have a huge resource of customers for all types of timeshare units.

Africa Places wants to help those who own timeshare but haven’t had the opportunity to take full advantage of their unit each year but they are still obligated to pay the annual levies.

Contact: elaine@africaplaces.com for more information!

The Africa Places team is perfectly placed to rent out your unit for you (this will cover your levies and also give you a little extra to put away for when you DO have the chance to visit again). This means that the financial burden of owning your perfect unit doesn’t have to impact negatively on you or your family when you cannot take advantage of being there.